Adaptive Re-use enlivens and preserves

Adaptive re-use can re-purpose & protect existing buildings for new uses in memorable ways. 

Having traveled abroad, I am struck by how new our cities are. Our urban environments are constantly being re-created with mixed results. What wasn't that old to begin with is soon cleared away for something even newer. In that context, the American preservation movement starting in the mid-20th century was and is a critical response to the loss or risk of loss of much of our architectural heritage. However, what we don't see as much in the US, as in other parts of the world, is the creative and intensive on-going use of older buildings which often leads to the juxtaposition of old and new in intentional, adept and inspiring ways that is catnip for us architects!

A recent piece in SPUR's The Urbanist celebrates adaptive re-use in Oakland. One of my previous projects with Anne Phillips Architecture, Girls Inc's new Simpson Center for Girls, is one of the buildings featured in the article. Check it out! 

Urban Field Notes: Old Buildings, New Uses